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Sanitation is the key to preventing pest infestations. Definity Pest Services will partner with your staff to make sure all sanitation issues are address properly. Together as a team, WE can make sure that your property is PEST FREE!

LEED Compliant Program

Definity Pest Services offers pest control programs for LEED-certified facilities. We focus on prevention as a primary means of dealing with unwanted pests. We use non-chemical control tools that are LEED compliant.

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Definity Pest Services offers 24/7 emergency services with a two-hour-or-less response time for all emergencies.

Additional Services

Bed bug Treatment

Wildlife Removal

Bird Control

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LEED Compliant Program

Definity Pest Services understands that having pests

of any kind in a healthcare facility is intolerable.


Doctors, nurses, staff, and patients

expect your hospital or clinic to be a pest-free environment.


Experience The Definity Difference.
  • With our diagnostic inspection, Definity Pest Services is able to evaluate your property and implement a specialized treatment program designed specifically for your property. At Definity Pest Services, we understand that every property has its own unique challenges, and we will come up with a program to fit your needs.

  • Definity Pest Services tailors our treatment programs to meet your property’s needs; we use different techniques based on your properties unique requirements. Definity Pest Services takes a seasonal pest prevention approach because we know that when the seasons change, so do the pest pressures. Why use the same approach throughout the year? Definity Pest Services is here to proactively rid your property of any pest issues.

  • Definity Pest Services will bait the exterior of your property to help prevent pests from entering your property.

  • Definity Pest Services will strategically place our exterior equipment around your property, and our trained technicians monitor the equipment on a regular basis.

  • Definity Pest Services will install and monitor interior equipment and maintain your property’s log books.

  •  Definity Pest Services will provide you with electronic service tickets detailing the services that we completed at your property.​

LEED Compliant Program

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Let us create a customized service program for your healthcare facility.
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